Event Registration - Melbourne Regional Chamber
Legacy Leaders - 95-year Anniversary Campaign
1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021

As the 95th year celebration of the Melbourne Regional Chamber gets underway, it interesting to uncover the history of the organization. It's fascinating to note that in almost every major decision or event that has occurred in our community over the past 95 years, the Melbourne Chamber has been at the table. This Chamber has a rich history of leadership and community building. We have you, the membership, to thank for this amazing milestone.

While our name has changed numerous times and our mission has evolved over the years, our underlying values stay the same. Our goal is to make tomorrow better for the Space Coast region. The only thing better than celebrating the past, is to be excited about how the Melbourne Regional Chamber is moving forward, boldly lighting the lamp and the blue flame.

We hope you will join us in recognition of our anniversary. Today, the Chamber will embark on a “Legacy Leaders” 95-year anniversary campaign. Our aspiration is individuals or businesses give a one-time sponsorship of $95, $595, $995, or $9995 to the Chamber, with the goal of raising $95,000. Sponsors will receive special recognition throughout the year as a “Legacy Leader.”
Location: Melbourne Regional Chamber, 1002 E New Haven Ave., Melbourne, FL 32901