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Axiom Bank at Walmart Supercenter

Axiom Bank is now in your neighborhood! We are conveniently located inside your local Walmart Supercenter® at 1000 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935. Stop by to chat about our consumer and business products and services next time you are doing your shopping. We are currently offering great CD and Money Market rates:
1.45% APY* - 18-month CD
1.10% APY* - 11-month CD
0.90% APY* - Money Market

Axiom Bank, N.A. is a locally based, nationally chartered bank that’s called Central Florida home since 1963. As one of the fastest-growing community banks in the state, we’re proud to provide the solutions our customers need to simplify their banking and reach their financial goals. “Axiom” means “a universally recognized truth.” We think it’s a good fit for our style of banking and the standards of excellence our customers bank on: trust, value, stability, and commitment.

We look forward to seeing you at our branch Monday through Friday 9am – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm. You can also call us at 800-584-0015 or visit for more information.

*See disclosures at

City: Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32935
W: 888-425-4882
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Contact: Megan Regina

ERC Sign On Bonus $300.00

ERC is happy to announce we are running a Sign On Bonus campaign for the rest of the year. Applicant who apply and get hired will received a $300.00 sign on bonus. You will received $150 after 30 days and $150.00 after your 90 days.
City: Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32903
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Contact: Oscar Rivera

Join Black Hole Makers' Recycling Program!

Black Hole Makers would like to invite you to participate in our recycling program! This will give members of the community, like you, a chance to bring in any electronics they no longer use. As technology is advancing at an exponential rate, more and more “old” technology is being tossed in the trash and ends up in a landfill. Mercury, lead, and the many non-biodegradable parts of electronics pollute the soil, water, and air when they are not disposed of properly. Black Hole Makers wants to alleviate the stress that improper E-waste disposal has put on our environment, and we need your help!
Instead of throwing out any unwanted electronics that you do not think will sell, please contact us for a FREE pick-up. All electronics will be properly recycled – not sent to the landfill where harsh chemicals can leak out into the environment.

1.844.4.EASYPC (1.844.432.7972)

City: Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32935
W: 321-274-1223
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Contact: Sara Milne

Save on your Shipping costs.

Unishippers, a Logistic Franchised organization (since 1986), has brokered 6.5 million shipments with 475 million in Revenue a year in Domestic, International, Ground and Air, small package, and heavy freight.

Our Brevard County office is giving out significant discounts on the UPS service to Melbourne Regional Chamber Members who primarily use FedEx Small Package service.

Our Franchise owner, Kevin Dandrea, is also the Founder of Jobs Network (since 2013)…a Facebook Group with over 29,000 Brevard Employers, Career Seekers, and Volunteers who’ve employed over 1300 Brevardians:!

City: Palm Bay
State: FL
Zip: 32909
H: 321-207-8374

Contact: Harland Trimble

Volunteer for Promise in Brevard!

What is Promise in Brevard? As a way to encourage families of young adults with special needs to not have to rely entirely on the state/federal government for funding, Promise in Brevard has developed 10 social enterprise concepts, in which Promise residents, also known as “Promisers,” can work to pay for their own support services and to buy the things they want, just like everyone else. The goal is for all Promise residents to either be employed at one of our 10 social enterprises or elsewhere in the community. Our focus is not on the disabilities of these individuals, but rather the abilities, and the instrumental role they play in our society.

We are looking for Volunteers to help us as we grow. It is such an exciting time for us right now! We have 3 new enterprises that are getting ready to open. Like with our Thrift Store Promise Treasures, our volunteers are the backbone of our success. We depend on the support of our community and we value and appreciate each and every one of our Community Volunteers. Please help us to continue to make a difference. Your support is so very significant!
The areas we will need Community Volunteer presence:

- Café & Bakery/Gift Shop
- Art Center
- Hydroponic Garden
- Promise Treasures Thrift Shoppe

City: West Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32904
W: 321-722-7400
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Contact: Diana Gensamer